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About Cedric Amani

The French born floral artiste Cedric Amani, starts his humble beginning with flower art from the very young age.

His eye for flower has been in there since he was 15. A graduate of the Académie De Nancy-Metz, France, Amani believes to always pay attention to detail of the flower and the spotlight should be on the actual flowers themselves rather than the accessories that surrounded it.

What We Value

Cedric’s impressive portfolio recently included the distinctive Burj Al-Arab Hotel, Mardan Palace in Turkey and more great properties around the world.  With his keen attention to detail, Cédric Amani hand selects flowers used in arrangements, ensuring that their color, and appeal will create the perfect result. With a selected team of professionals florists, Cédric Amani Floral Design provide exceptional and creational work of both classic and contemporary designs.

At Cedric Amani, we are committed to sustainability by providing the highest quality products while also making changes in our floral design & business practices to promote environmental, economic, and social sustainability. This is an on-going commitment to take one step at a time, large and small, aimed at making positive impacts in our community and protecting our planet.

Our Story

It was in Paris that he starts to consider flower arrangements seriously as a future career. He won several prestigious awards as a flower designer during schooling years. He learned that combination of textures, colors and scents are the key elements an designing a room full of flowers or a simple bouquet. As Founder and Creative Director of Cédric Amani Floral Art Consulting Ltd, he brings the world of French Floral Art - starting in France to Mauritius, USA, Japan, Dubai, Maldives, Turkey, Macau & Hong Kong  with classic and contemporary designs that boosted by Parisian influence.

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